About Us


You might ask…Is it a truck?  Is it a store?  Or is it something else? 

Re-Chic Boutique is a retail store on the go!  We are hitting the road this spring with our very own fashion truck.  Fashion trucks are the latest craze, very much like the food truck.  You never know what you will find in our boutique.  There is always something new to see.  We love the the new affordable fashions, jewelry and accessories that fill the boutique. How about something that has been re-purposed, re-created or re-fashioned?  That is something that we love to do….find those unloved pieces and find ways to recycle and showcase their new chic style.  Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some home decor or furniture that has been repurposed as well.  Check out our Calendar of Events tab to see where we will be heading.  If you have an event idea for us, please contact at shoprechicboutique@gmail.com.



 My Journey

My  name is Corrinne Pahlck and I am the owner of Re-Chic Boutique.  We are the areas very first Mobile Boutique!  The idea for this business was born from a sort of empty nest thing.  My boys are still living at home at 22 & 24 years old as they are still finishing school and working on creating a life for themselves and doing their own thing.  If I were to back up a bit I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer in 1996. I was only 31 years old and my boys were 2 & 4 years old.  After fighting that battle I realized how precious our time was and I lived my life being very involved with my boys any way that I could.  I often looked for the creative outlet, so being a cub scout den mom, Sunday school teacher, very involved with nursery school and PTA, and not to mention fundraising for the American Cancer Society.  These areas allowed me to use my creativity in many ways.  As we outgrew these things and my boys got older I found myself looking for something to do for me.  I always thought of one day owning my own business and I wanted it to involve creativity.  My husband would tell me to figure out what it was I wanted to do and we would figure out a way to make it work.  I stumbled upon the mobile boutique idea online and was definitely inspired by this type of business. I began spending some time doing a little research on them before deciding this is something I really wanted to do! The idea of opening a trendy clothing boutique that paired style driven fashion with affordability and an opportunity to include a line of up-cycled fashions as well, was something we were drawn to.  This would give us the opportunity to start out slow, not be tied to a lease & rent and freedom to take our boutique on the road. It was the perfect solution for me!!  I could keep my full time job/salary, make my own hours and not have tons of overhead costs.  My husband began his own research in helping me find the perfect truck for what I wanted to do.  He found the truck in PA on ebay.  My husband did the complete build out and renovation for me.  What a blessing to have him in my life! 

After months of research, planning, hard work, sweat, tears & countless prayers, Re-Chic Boutique was born.  Come aboard to an experience like no other.  This boutique proves to be exciting, unexpected and memorable for our customers.  You never know what you will find!!  Some of the interesting things on our truck are our up-cycled pieces of clothing.  We scour our area for unloved pieces of clothing with a desire to breathe new life into the pieces of yesteryear.  We focus on everyday wearable items with a splash of uplift!  Most creations are one-of-a-kind!  Our desire was to fill the boutique with there one-of-a-kind pieces.  But reality set in and with my full time job, running a party time business at home, my family and home to tend to, we realized that it would be very difficult to keep up with the demand for these unique pieces.  So a decision was made to take into account one of my second favorite things to do…..SHOP!!!  So now I do have the pleasure of spending some time traveling and attending trade shows to pick the perfect, brand new pieces to be sold in the boutique.  So while the boutique is mostly new, affordable, trendy clothing, jewelry & accessories, you will also enjoy the hunt of those unique, re-chic’d pieces!   And don’t be surprised when you stumble across some handmade gift items, home decor pieces or some pieces of up-cycled furniture.

Abundantly blessed, I am  surrounded by the support of my family and friends.  My faith has led me on this journey and I will cherish every step with praise and thanksgiving