Book The Boutique

Option #1

Re-Chic VIP Experience

You can enjoy the benefits of a Personalized Boutique Experience.  It’s a NO-Charge Personal Shopping Event.  Re-Chic Boutique will come to  you!  Schedule a visit for yourself and a friend or two! You will get a private showing of our new styles and fashions.  We can help find the fashions that are just right for you while you relax with some champagne, a few friends as we know the value of our friend’s opinions.

We will create an outfit that you love while coaching you how to build your wardrobe.  The way we look gives us confidence to accomplish what we want in our lives.  Zero Pressure to buy, we cater to any size and any budget. Book your appointment now!  Send us an email at or call us 845-464-3916.

Option #2

Host a Party

Want to add a fashion flair to your home party??  Book our Boutique for private events, special functions and home “driveway parties”. Whether it’s for a girl’s happy hour, corporate event, fundraiser, bachelorette party, birthday, sorority event, a girl’s night in or just because. We will bring the boutique fashion party to you!!  You supply the guests, the food and drink, and we will do the rest. There is no cost to have the truck come to you!!!!

The Details…

  • 8-10 women are preferred but not required.  The more the merrier!
  • To park the boutique at your location the truck requires a minimum of 2 car  lengths (20-25 feet) to fit, preferably level pavement or grassy area.
  • ReChic Boutique is available weekdays after 5:00 p.m. and anytime on weekends. A boutique party will usually take between two to three hours.

The Perks…

  • As a party host you will receive 20% of total guest sales in free merchandise that evening. (*Sales tax is not included as part of the total sales)
  • Fundraising is also available as a perk, call for more details.



for more information and to reserve a date.